Business Security Tips

Among the risks that businesses face are:

  • Employee Crime
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Theft of cash
  • Shoplifting
  • ADA Non-compliance
  • Robbery
  • Burglary

The targeted tips outlined below, address these risks.

Businesses can reduce their vulnerability to crime in many ways. Measures like locks, alarms, and good lighting make any establishment a less attractive target for criminals. A major ally is your local law enforcement agency–its officers can conduct a free security survey and give advice on alarm systems and other devices. Community service and involvement are important safeguards against crime. Customers and neighbors who view a business as a valued resource to the community will watch out for its property and employees.

Employees and Crime

  • Employees can help you to be profitable or hurt you through waste, inattention to customers, or stealing. You must set the example for honesty and develop clear policies regarding security and theft.
  • Develop and advise all employees of inventory control procedures. All merchandise entering and exiting your premises should be accounted for.
  • Screen employees carefully before hiring them. Check their backgrounds to be sure they have not been fired for behavior you find is dangerous or unacceptable.
  • Train employees in proper cash handling and security measures. Set policy regarding cash on hand and stick by it.
  • Research shows that employees steal from businesses that are impersonal to them and lack clear policies. Show employees you care about them and their property.
  • Provide a clean and orderly work environment with secure places for their personal belongings.
  • Offer them personal child protection and home crime prevention information obtained from local law enforcement agencies and national organizations.
  • Support their involvement in community organizations formed to prevent crime and help crime victims.


  • Keep sales areas well lit.
  • Keep aisles as widely spaced as practical, keep shelves low, keep aisles clear of debris.
  • Have mirrors or one way glass installed, so that all sales areas can be viewed.
  • Post signs, stating that shoplifters will be prosecuted.

Robbery Prevention

Businesses are robbed ten times more often than individuals, but common sense can reduce the chance of becoming a victim as well as the amount of money lost if you’re robbed. Take this quiz to assess your vulnerability to robbery.

CASH: Do you

  • keep only small amounts on hand and advertise this fact?
  • make frequent bank deposits?
  • have a drop safe or time delay safe?
  • vary your deposit time and route?
  • count cash only in a private area?


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